Every good story includes a turning point. Usually a lemons-to-lemonade type of situation; a change in pace from the norm, turning a negative experience into a positive breakthrough. For Ballet Bodies founder Andie Decker, her turning point came when a surgical procedure to remove her lifelong struggle with scoliosis ended her career as a ballet dancer – one she had build for herself in record time and had taken her to the prestigious New York City Ballet.

While the surgery left her with a full set of permanently fused vertebrae, Andie had over a decade of good fitness and health habits to help her healing process along, get her back to full strength, and begin her new career as a ballet teacher and personal trainer. It was at that point her passion for dance morphed into something deeper: a desire to help women transform their bodies through the dance, Pilates, and fitness training she knew and loved so well. And so Ballet Bodies, now a staple in West Hollywood’s fitness scene (and fave of celebs like Ginnifer Goodwin and the Black Swan herself, Natalie Portman), was born.

We love Ballet Bodies for its all-inclusive approach; no form of exercise is off-limits as long as it keeps you strong, lean, and injury-free. Whether you’re on classic Pilates equipment (reformers or Cadillacs) or utilizing just your body as your prime mode of movement, each class draws its main inspiration from a pro dancer’s impeccable form and graceful lines. Here’s Andie to dish on her secret weapon, her favorite mantra, and what makes her style of sweat so special.


Andie Hecker.


Ballet Bodies.

My specialty:

Ballet- and Pilates-based personal fitness training.

Favorite class to teach:

One-on-one private training, catered to each individual’s needs.

Favorite class to take:

Romi’s ballet class – great workout to great music!

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

My first ballet class at age 10.

When you leave my class you feel…

Physically worked and mentally refreshed.

My secret weapon:

My deep understanding of the mechanics of the human body. I can figure almost anyone out.

Go-to workout gear:

My onesie sweatsuit has become my own, unofficial personal uniform.

In my gym bag:

Ballet shoes and Vans.

Favorite workout move:

Penché to plank. It’s a combo of ballet and Pilates that works the entire body while giving the legs an amazing stretch.

Biggest inspiration:


When I’m not in the studio, I’m:

Painting. Yep, closet artist here.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

Fave quick workout outside of the studio:

Swimming! Everyone should swim every week. It’s the healthiest, best workout going. I should be a swim coach, but people seem to hate getting wet. Bummer!

Current mantra:

No self-deprecating at Ballet Bodies!

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