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Mermaid Approved: Kelp Masks + Salt Spray For Summer Beauty
Leahlani Skincare Honey Love 3-in-1

This Honey based cleanser, mask and exfoliator is exquisite. Combining noni fruit, maqui berry, clay, hibiscus flowers and crystals, this little tub is a great addition to your beauty routine. Versatile, effective and refined.



Mermaid Approved: Kelp Masks + Salt Spray For Summer Beauty

Let’s be real. Half the reason why we vacation by the beach is to come home with beautiful skin that proves we were there. In preparation for a summer full of seaside escapades, Kerrilynn Pamer of NYC’s green beauty paradise, CAP Beauty, is helping us reach sea goddess status with six natural beauty products inspired by island life. From a spirulina face mask to to a kelp-infused hairspray for sea-styled locks on demand, these beauty picks have us in that mermaid mood…

We strongly believe in the transformational and life changing power of ingredients and these six products conjure up the perfect vacation from the comfort of home. We’re hoping you book that trip soon, but in the meantime indulge in some of these to get closer to paradise.

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  1. Leahlani is my favorite!!! Smells delicious and my skin has felt healthier and happier than it has in a while!

    Amylou | 05.24.2016 | Reply

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