Flight Survival: 10 Travel Essentials We Obsess Over

In the next month or two we’re headed out on road trips and international flights, driving island roads and navigating in-laws’ homes. It’s called the holidays and we’re betting your season looks much the same!

My keys to surviving travel with sanity and in style come down to a few details that keep me feeling hydrated, charged, well and happy. Here are ten pieces I’m currently obsessing over that exponentially improve travel – and make ideal gifts for the constant traveler in your life!

Smart Luggage: Away Travel’s The Bigger Carry-On |  Away first made a big splash at launch claiming to be the fashion girl’s new best friend. It took us a while to catch on, but now we couldn’t agree more. This extremely lightweight carry-on is simple and chic, is cleverly compartmentalized and charges all your devices while on the go! CHECK OUT HERE

Skin Saver: Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask | For frequent flyers, this skincare trick is a game-changer: wear a moisture-boosting or overnight mask while in flight for a soothing, nourishing barrier between face and icky airplane air. I never fly without this anymore!  CHECK OUT HERE

Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit | Take extra care of that skin care routine while traveling. We’ve learned to mask while out on the road for extra TLC and this little kit makes it a cinch. Pair room service with the resurfacing mask after check-in and you’ve got a total win. CHECK OUT HERE


All the Containers: Cuyana Travel Case Set | The pouch within pouch method is everything. I pack up so many pouches in my travel bags, I’m surprised there is room for anything else. These gorgeous leather makeup bags keep things organized, make the best gift and upgrade any hotel room vanity instantly. CHECK OUT HERE

Protein Powder Packets | We’re big proponents of protein powder laced lattes! And they’re kind of the perfect wellness-y airport food. Just be sure to stay hydrated too. About half a packet of good quality protein powder stirred into an airport or drink service coffee along with a little almond or coconut milk makes for a perfect way to stay cozily sustained without eating the Frankenfood offered in so many airports. Check out this airport shake story too. CHECK OUT HERE

The Eye Mask: Parachute Merino Travel Kit | We’ve been swooning over this perfect gift set for the frequent flyer: a travel blanket, eye mask and case, all made of the softest wool ever. The zippered case turns into a pillow cover for those tiny plane pillows! Genius. Great gift, but even better experience. CHECK OUT HERE

Under Cover: Lano Hands Rose Hand Cream + Lemon Lip Balm | Lano’s sustainable sheep lanolin products are truly addictive. The lip and hand creams absorb quickly while still quenching skin. And the lip balm is my top lip pick for the year. A must-try for lip balm addicts. CHECK OUT HERE

Deep Breathing: H. Gillerman Pure Breathing Sinus Remedy | This stuff is priceless during a long flight or long road trip. Dap a drop under the nose and take a deep breath for a sinus clearing, mind calming hit of eucalyptus and other oils. Essential oils can help to fight the poor air quality and boost your mood. CHECK OUT HERE

Cozy Up: Cuyana’s Alpaca Sweaters + Capes | Getting ultra-comfortable in flight doesn’t have to mean going full slob – although we’re fully supportive of a good sweatpant these days. We rely on Cuyana’s beautiful (and sustainable) layers for staying warm and cozy, but arriving with our style fully intact. The cape is easy to take off in security check lines, easy to cocoon up in flight! CHECK OUT HERE

Immune Boost: Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C | There’s nothing like vitamin c to keep energy and immunity high while rolling through airports, planes, hotels and all the other public spaces travel entails. Lypo-spheric vitamin c is one of the best and also reminds us to stay hydrated! CHECK OUT HERE

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