What to pack to keep your look intact? We’ve got you covered. Between our Editor In Chief, Suzanne Hall (who has seen every natural beauty product under the sun), and celebrity makeup artist, Katey Denno (who understands what to do with it all), we’ve gathered up a few beauty essentials that’ll keep your skin, lips and mood at optimum levels of glowiness around the globe and back.

If you take away just one tip from this final video in our fall series with green beauty retailer, Credo, make it to always travel with a mask! Recycled airplane air is essentially beauty enemy numero uno, but with the right overnight mask you’ll arrive at your destination in perfectly hydrated, balanced and glowy shape.

Get the details on all the products in the video below and let us know your travel beauty hacks in the comments!

Dr Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil | This OG cult skincare product will keep skin glowing despite harsh travel changes. This non-pore clogging face oil is loaded with antioxidents to improve elasticity, keep oil production under control and reduce redness for a balanced look. Can be used for face, body and hair. CHECK OUT HERE

Tata Harper Moisture Mask | Wearing a mask meant for overnight wear is the best in-flight beauty tip we’ve got! Wear a rich, soothing mask while flying to combat irritation, dehydration and breakouts caused by recycled air on the plane. Apply a light layer to a bare face, including lips and eyes for long flights. CHECK OUT HERE

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Lip Conditioner | Herbivore’s gorgeous modern packaging and simple products make this brand one to obsess over. This coconut rose balm is rich, chic, and smells great. Works wonders on stressed lips with organic coconut oil and rose. CHECK OUT HERE

Vapour Lip/Cheek Aura Classic | Multitasking is the name of the game when it comes to travel. This stick can be used on lips and cheeks for a flattering dose of color. Katey’s top pick is  “Courtesan” for a universally flattering sheer blush tone that’s bright but adaptable. Herbal ingredients nourish and protect delicate skin. CHECK OUT HERE

H Gillerman Stress Remedy | Essential oils are, well, essential for travel. H Gillerman’s small line of functional, certified organic oils are perfect to tuck in your carry-on. Apply a little beneath the nose or in palms to calm down and reclaim a sense of private space! Lavander, vetiver, manderin, sandlewoodand sage will keep you comfy on a long flight. CHECK OUT HERE

Pai Copaiba Deep cleanse AHA Mask | Always pack a mask! This gentle, but deep cleansing detox mask is powered by fruit acids to clear pores, brigten and keep moody skin in check while on the go. CHECK OUT HERE

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  1. I am loving this series of videos! One of my favorites for travel is a XO Eco Beauty Kit that holds my brushes, toiletries and more. It is made from 50% recycled material. I also always travel with Nubian Heritage travel sized soap for a little luxury and extra moisture after a long flight!

    Kathleen Mason | 10.03.2016 | Reply
  2. Such amazing things that keep our skin beautiful and glowing for almost everyday. If you’re not using any beauty essentials for your skin, it might trouble you. That’s why if you want to have a beauty that won’t fade, always bring your beauty products that’ll sure to give you a shining beauty.

    Renewing Serum CE | 11.25.2016 | Reply
  3. I have migraines quite frequently and they always put a damper in my day. I know I am going to have a migraine when I start seeing dots or “auras”. As soon as I see this, I immediately lay down and elevate my feet nighter than my head. If I catch it in enough time, the headache does not come on.

    fnaf | 09.20.2017 | Reply

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