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Fall is the perfect time to start fresh: revamping your wardrobe, resetting your goals, and rebooting your workout! With the holidays right around the corner (we know, we can’t believe it either) now is the time to find your perfect fitness fit before the craziness of next season’s festivities set in.

Last month we talked a lot about fashion making its way into the fitness world; runway-worthy, wearable trends that could take you from work to workout in a heartbeat. This month, we’re putting those fitnesswear finds to good use by giving this season’s workout trends a shot! From trampolines to turnouts, from short and sweet to stress relief, there’s a little something to help everyone find their fitness groove. Here’s what’s making us jump (and run, and flow, and lift) for joy this October:

Our 7 Favorite Workout Trends For Fall Fitness

Trampoline workouts

We’ve always had a thing for trampolines – which is why we’re tickled pink that our childhood fitness fave is making its way into our adult lives via these hot new classes across the country. Partnered with killer toning exercises, strength moves, cardio drills and more, working a trampoline into the mix (which is a low-impact vehicle for raising that heart rate) helps us remember why we love fitness in the first place: it’s all about the joy of movement!

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Concert-Worthy Classes

Let’s face it: music can make or break your workout. The right tunes can make you zen during yoga, energized during spin – or ditch the gym mid guitar solo. We’re so happy that these new fitness classes are not only recognizing the power of the playlist, they’re putting music center stage. Just like the right mix can get you amped up for a party or help you wind down after a long day, these group classes are designed to put you in the mood for movement…and maybe even bring out your inner rock star.

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Ballerina Vibes

While we love all the ballet-slash-cardio-slash-pilates-slash-yoga hybrid classes out there these days, sometimes we’re just looking to master the moves that are at the core of any barre class. Thank goodness for the new crop of ballet-inspired fitness offerings to keep us on point (pun intended) when we crave simplicity with a touch of elegance.

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Stress-busting Workouts

When it comes to getting our daily dose of movement in, harder is definitely not always better. We’re so glad that more and more people are beginning to embrace what in-the-know fitness pros have been advocating for years: theraputic, stress-relieving workouts to counter the high intensity lifestyles we lead day in and day out. Whether you’re practicing myofascial release to help prevent pain or taking a grounding yoga class, this new wave of low-intensity fitness offerings might just be the key to keeping your brain and bod truly balanced.

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Short Sweet Sweat

Sometimes we don’t have more than 20 minutes – or honestly, just aren’t in the mood for more than 20 minutes! Turns out, this actually works to your advantage. New studies are beginning to show that short, high-intensity bursts of exercise can be just as, if not more beneficial than longer durations. And from our personal experience, we’ve found that when you have a limited amount of time to fit in fitness, you’re more likely to go gung-ho from the get go. Consider us the number one fans of this less-is-more trend.

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Customized Online Workouts

Not a gym person? Not a problem. Working out from home is no new news, but the surplus of completely customizable fitness offerings that’s now at your fingertips is pretty freaking exciting. Mix and match your workouts online from the comfort of your own home, no matter your level of fitness or workout preference. Feeling like a twisty yoga flow, a HIIT routine, or maybe even a killer kickboxing sesh? There’s a link for that.

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Small Groups, Big Results

Not into one-on-one training but looking for more individual attention than your average group fitness class? Try your hand at this new approach to fitness: a group of trainers working with a small group of individuals all at multiple levels of fitness. You’ll get the personal support and training that you’d experience going solo, with the extra encouragement, motivation, and camaraderie that comes along with the best group fitness experiences around.

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