Tracy Anderson’s killer workouts and their couldve-been-Photoshopped results have been on our radar for quite some time now. We like to think we know a thing or two about this fierce celebrity fitness master, since half our wellness community in L.A. sweats it out in Tracy’s studios!

Tracy’s ‘In My Gym Bag’ feature below only firms her place on our list of top trainers. From her Janet Jackson obsession to her chocolate-covered tote bag stash, learn a few new things about one of the wellness world’s top ladies. Our gal Katie Horwitch of WANT recently joined Tracy for a weekend of fitness “research” on the beach in Miami to sweat it out, chat about balance and do a little beach-a-rifffic reporting for TCM…

We recently spent a weekend eating, exploring and sweating it out in a very balmy Miami at the retro-chic Miami Beach Edition. Joining us were a couple dozen of our fave fitness bloggers and fitness guru Tracy Anderson in celebration of Buick’s new convertible Cascada (where else but Miami beach?). We spent our days working out with Tracy, breaking for beach-side lunches at Soho House, and sightseeing all over the city with the top down in the new convertibles! There have been worse weekends, to say the least.

We fell in love with Tracy’s class format all over again and how it challenges us while still making us feel like little kids dancing our hearts out. Our chats with Tracy also helped us realize just how many values we share – values we hope to see more of in the fitness industry. Her M.O.? The second we start beating ourselves up over our “problem parts” is the second we’re compromising our fullest potential for happiness and success.

Check out our notes from Tracy below and let some of her balanced attitude on body image sink in. There could be no better time for a little reminder about balance as temps start to rise and the “bikini body” media headlines start to roll out in full force. Here’s what Tracy had to say to us about looking – but more so, feeling – good, this summer and beyond…

In My Gym Bag with Tracy Anderson

Favorite workout:

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

As a disciplined dancer as a child.

I stay inspired by...

My passion to keep creating balance where there is imbalance in myself and the tools I create for others. This is you. This isn’t about vanity or achieving a look alone – this your health. An imposter is never sexy. You want to own your beauty. It’s not about being summer ready per se – it’s about being confident and powerful year-round.

​​​​​Best workout staples:

I’m either in light, cozy sweats and a tank; or leggings, sports bra and T-shirt.

Favorite hair accessories:

Bobby pins.

Favorite workout shoes:

Must-have gadgets:

I have to have good music – so my iPhone, computer, speakers or headphones.

On my workout playlist:

Kavinsky, Sia, Logic, Jlo, Coldplay, Foxes.

Most unexpected item in my gym bag:


Favorite way to hydrate:


Favorite post-workout fuel:

Fresh, organic Mexican food. When all else fails, be at peace making the best choice possible in the moment. As soon as you say you’re optionless, you’re screwed. There is always an option.

Fave quickie workout:

I would do one of my new TAva dances to Janet Jackson’s Burn It Up for 15 minutes.

Personal fitness tip:

You are how you move. If you’re a runner, be a runner! That’s a part of who you are. It’s in your bones, it’s in your heart. But just know that your body will reflect that. That’s not a bad thing – who doesn’t want their hard work to show? Where we run into trouble is when we start to berate our body for reflecting the way we use it.

Current mantra:  

Be life-giving to yourself and others.

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