Toxic Tuesday: Cleaning Products To Avoid

If you’re anything like us, you like to avoid stains as much as possible, and who hasn’t Scotchgarded a pair of boots in an attempt to keep them waterproof for spring showers? But in order to “protect” your goods you may inadvertently be exposing your home and your body to PFCs or Perfluorinated compounds. These controversial chemicals are found in most products that protect against stains or sticking, like non-stick cookware, carpet cleaners, furniture protectors, and even food wraps. PFC is “likely” a human carcinogen according to the companies that make these products and have caused liver and thyroid cancer in studies on rats. Ick.

Many companies have taken large steps in the last 5 years to reduce PFCs from their products, but the chemicals are still quite prevalent and consumers should do what they can to limit their exposure.  If you’d like to learn more about PFCs and the companies that use them, check out the EWG’s report here.

What you can do now to avoid PFCs – other than saving those suede boots for puddle-free days:

Check out our review of non-toxic cookware, Greenpan.  They are PFC-free!

Be especially cautious of stain-resistant products: that includes furniture and carpet, outwear and camping equipment.

Check your beauty products: read labels and watch for the terms “fluoro” or “perfluoro” and be sure to avoid the products that contain these terms in the ingredient list.

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