phosphoric-acid free alternatives to soda

What Is It? Glance at the back of any soda can and you’ll find one common ingredient: phosphoric acid. This flavor additive is used not only to give sodas their sharp, unique flavor, but to slow the growth of bacteria in an otherwise inviting breeding ground for germs, mold and the like. But what is it doing to your body?

Health Risk: Since phosphoric acid is so acidic, it shifts your body’s delicate pH levels away from alkalinity, over time leaching more and more calcium from your bones to neutralize the acidity. No wonder it’s been linked to osteoporosis, low bone density, dental problems and destruction of mucous membranes in your body.

How To Avoid It: As always, be a vigilant label-reader when it comes to your hydration of choice. Fortunately, there are non-toxic options when it comes to getting your fizz on! Our staffers are crazy about Hint Fizz, the slightly sweet bubbly waters. Refreshing and TCM-reader-friendly ingredients? We’ll drink to that!

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