Toxic Timeout: PEG Compounds

What Is It? While “PEG compounds” might evoke images of your favorite childhood board game, these chemicals are anything but fun! These synthetic chemicals are used not only in cosmetics and hair products, but cleansers and skin conditioners (such as moisturizers and anti-itch creams) to keep the skin moist.

Health Risk: What’s more dangerous than one toxin? Multiple toxins all rolled into one! PEG compounds contain a host of harmful components. Both ethylene oxide and PAH are known to increase the risk of breast, uterine and brain cancers as well as leukemia. 1,4-dioxane, also known as siloxane, is also included in the mix, as well as lead, nickel and arsenic. Yikes!

How To Avoid It: Scour your local heath-food store for labels free of these toxic three letters. Look closely, though – they are so abundantly used, even somewhat natural products sneak PEGs into the mix. We love Amala’s skincare line, which not only is free of synthetic PEGs, but uses ingredients straight from their source.

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