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Jenna Hipp styles the hottest hands and feet on the red carpet. When she’s not giving all those glam-icures she’s hard at work on her own line of non-toxic polishes with RGB. Jenna knows a thing or two about getting party-ready without a boatload of chemicals and without turning into a ball of stress. Beauty editors and manicure-obsessed celebrities have gone ga-ga this year over Jenna HippxRGB‘s new nail tints and nail foundations. Not only are all the polishes natural and cruelty-free, but they provide a unique sweep of creamy, neutral color that can be worn alone – we love – or as the perfect primer for pure color over the top.  Check out Jenna’s tips for going green, staying calm and looking gorgeous at your next holiday shin-dig!

1. Stay Calm, Smell Great: My top secret weapon behind the scenes are Hope Gillerman Organics remedy oils. I carry the entire collection in my on-set kit! No matter what I’m feeling, there is a combination of oils that will instantly make me and everyone around me feel better. Michelle Williams, Lea Michele, and Miley Cyrus always request a custom blend to help them get calm before photo shoots and red carpet events. My personal favorite is a combination of Muscle Remedy + Travel Remedy.  I roll Muscle Remedy along the shoulders, lower back and tops of forearm to instantly ease tension and apply Travel Remedy on the bottoms of the feet, up the backs of the legs and in the palms of the hands to help aid circulation. These two oils have become my new perfumes! Tension Remedy is also a life-saver in a pinch – it does exactly what it says it will. I have been around the beauty block and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything like these oils.

2. Take A Breath: I use a little deep breathing exercise with my clients along with the remedy oils to help shoulders relax and skin look it’s best. Warming the oils between the palms, I allow clients to breath in the oils and take 5 deep, full breaths. It’s an instant pick me up and can do a world of good. You can do this yourself at home before heading out for any special event!

3. Manicure On-The-Go: Believe it or not, celebs get dry cuticles, too! When there’s not time for a full manicure or to freshen up an existing one, my first go-to is Dr. Hauschka’s Neem Oil Pen. Perfectly designed to fit in your purse, there is a pointed applicator top that precisely applies the exact amount of product in exactly the right spot.

4. It’s A Wrap: Not all of us can paint nails like a pro.  NCLA Nail wraps are so fun and easy to apply and take off. They last forever, have virtually no dry time and they come in fun mix-and-match designs. Best of all, they don’t require any remover. That makes for nail changes that are faster than wardrobe changes. Top the wraps with “Gloss It” top to seal the deal and add high shine.

5. Body Butter For Glamorous Gams: I’m also responsible for the condition of the legs and arms when I’m handling a client’s nails for an event. A true celebrity treatment consists of a total rub down with John Masters Organics cacao and cupuacu butter. The organic ingredients literally melt into the skin and give off a hydrated glow that shines with the camera flash. See Lea Michele’s legs above- it’s her must have!

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