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That Juicing Life: Our Top 10 Juicers At Every Price
High: Norwalk Juice Press

It's the Rolls Royce of juicers: the Norwalk press. We're partial to this model for many reasons, but one in particular stands out: it's the juicer with which Pressed Juicery was founded! Looking for the closest thing to a bottle of Pressed Juicery that you can make in your own home? This swanky juicer is for you.Constructed of solid stainless steel, this juicer uses enormous pressure to extract 50-100% more juice than other models, with three to five times more nutrients, enzymes, and trace minerals to boot. It also provides minimal mixing of air with the juices, which makes them slow to oxidize and high on flavor.

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Between Pressed Juicery’s Semi-Annual Summer Cleanse this month and the release of Pressed Juicery’s new book, JUICE coming soon, we’re dreaming of juice and all the recipes we’ll be grinding, blending, or pressing once it arrives. Here are our picks for top 10 juicers you’ll need to live the the lifestyle of a juice aficionado…


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