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That Juicing Life: Our Top 10 Juicers At Every Price
Mid: Slow-Speed Hurom Juicer

Hurom's patented slow-juicing technology is the result of 40 years of research and experimentation, and juices in two stages: first, it extracts juice through crushing the produce, then it extracts the remaining juice in the pressing stage. This results in dryer pulp and nutritionally dense juice. A plus to this model? No grinding means minimal noise - so if you're off to work in the wee hours of the morning, you can get your greens in without waking up the whole fam. 

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Between Pressed Juicery’s Semi-Annual Summer Cleanse this month and the release of Pressed Juicery’s new book, JUICE coming soon, we’re dreaming of juice and all the recipes we’ll be grinding, blending, or pressing once it arrives. Here are our picks for top 10 juicers you’ll need to live the the lifestyle of a juice aficionado…


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