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That Juicing Life: Our Top 10 Juicers At Every Price
High: Vitamix Blender

Ever ordered a smoothie that sent you over the moon? It was probably thanks to a Vitamix. Used by more professional chefs and restaurants than any other blender in the world, the super-durable Vitamix allows you to chop, blend, cream, purée, and yes, liquify almost anything imaginable. We love the Vita's signature accelerator tool, which makes blending those tougher ingredients (hello, homemade almond butter) a breeze. If you're more into chewing your juice than sipping, this is the blender for you. 

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Between Pressed Juicery’s Semi-Annual Summer Cleanse this month and the release of Pressed Juicery’s new book, JUICE coming soon, we’re dreaming of juice and all the recipes we’ll be grinding, blending, or pressing once it arrives. Here are our picks for top 10 juicers you’ll need to live the the lifestyle of a juice aficionado…


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