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To manifest love you must make more of it. That it to say, you must “become more of it”, according to Energy Muse’s Heather Askinosie.

Modern dating may be a mess, but if you’re seeking someone to share your love with, the path to begin on is right beneath your feet. The concept of manifesting can be a little confusing – and even stir up a little anger at first glance. Add crystals to the mix and we’ve got a story here that might just break a skeptic’s brain. Open your heart, open your mind, and listen to what the ladies of Energy Muse have to say about attracting love with this crystal-powered meditation and manifestation practice…

If you have your heart set on attracting love, crystals are one of the most powerful ways to make it a reality. Just like any other goal you are working toward, cultivating love takes commitment and work. These simple crystal practices will guide your time and energy as you call love into your life. I used these exact practices before I met my husband and we were married within a year of meeting.

Whether you want to attract a new relationship or you are looking for your soulmate and forever partner, follow these simple crystal practices to manifest the love you want in your life:

adjust Your personal Space | Without even knowing it, how your bedroom is set up may be interfering with your love life. Before you start a crystal practice for manifesting love, it’s important to look for love killers throughout your space. These love killers can stop the flow of love from coming in, so getting rid of them can mean more love entering your life. Look for these love killers and adjust them: 

+ Images of one person in your room. Instead, fill your bedroom with artwork showing two people to symbolize partnership.

+ Bed flush against a wall. Instead, move your bed to the center of the room (or as close to center) so that it can be entered from both sides. This makes room for a second person in your life.

+ Bedroom mirror that makes a mirror image of your bed. Instead, cover all mirrors facing the bed with a curtain or fabric. Having a mirror image of the bed can make your love life vulnerable to disturbances from family members or love interests outside of the relationship.

Once your space is set, it’s time to bring in the crystal duo: rose quartz and amethyst. Even though it isn’t traditionally thought of as a love stone, amethyst works wonders for your love life when paired with rose quartz in the bedroom. Place a rose quartz sphere and an amethyst sphere together on your nightstand to fill your room with endless love. Spheres emit energy in all directions and represent wholeness, which is perfect for inviting love in.

You can also place rose quartz mandarin sucks in your love corner, which is the far right corner from where you enter your bedroom. Known to mate for life, these crystal ducks represent partnership and unconditional love.

A Crystal Practice For Manifesting Love | One of the very first steps to manifesting love is becoming love. A crystal practice raises your love vibration and aligns you with the energy of love. When you are fully tapped into your heart space, you can live from a place of love. This prepares you to not only give love to a partner, but also to receive it. From this heart space you can then move into manifesting your partner.

+ pen and paper
+ piece of rose quartz (raw or polished)
+ rose quartz tumbled stone

How to manifest:
+ Place the rose quartz over your heart. Keeping your crystal there, take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, sigh out of your mouth and make an audible ahhhh sound. This sound is important — it helps you to fully land in your heart and emit vibrations of love.

+ Do this ahhhh sigh six times, as six is the number that represents love. With every sigh, visualize yourself moving deeper and deeper into your heart space, toward the center of your heart.

+ Remove the rose quartz from your heart and place it on a surface near you.

+ With a pen and paper, write down all of the qualities you are looking for in an ideal partner. It’s important that this is handwritten, not typed. Be very specific — include five non-negotiable qualities (ones you aren’t willing to compromise on), as well as ten other qualities you want in a partner.

+ When you are finished with the list, sign and date the paper and write thank you, thank you, thank you. Fold it up and place it underneath your bed.

+ Every day, place a rose quartz tumbled stone in your bra or shirt pocket. Wear it throughout the day to remind you to stay connected to your heart and to be open to the possibilities of love that surround you.

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