The Switch: Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream

A baked potato makes a great addition to summer dinners, but most of us love to pile on a few not-so-healthy condiments! Adding sour cream to baked potatoes and other dishes is a delicious but calorie-rich and, often, not so natural, choice of condiment.

Next time you want to reach for sour cream, try making the switch to Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has the same rich, tangy and creamy texture as sour cream, but packs far less fat and is filled with probiotics and protein. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are rich in enzymes that aid in healthy digestion.

Skip the sour cream on potatoes, in dip recipes and anywhere else you traditionally use it and grab some Greek yogurt instead! Whip in some fresh chives and your family and friends don’t even have to know.  We promise you’ll love the flavor and your body will thank you.

Small changes can add up to one big impact on our health. Let’s start here and make the switch!


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