Drink your breakfast smoothie

We are all constantly on the lookout for the path of least resistance that also provides us with the highest reward, and this tip most certainly meets the criteria. One of the simplest health tips ever is to drink your breakfast. Not only is it quicker and far more convenient than preparing a full meal, it also sets you up for health success for the rest of the day. No beating that combination!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I am not suggesting that you skip out on all of those needed nutrients and beneficial calories, but rather, consider deconstructing the way you are ingesting them. While the bowl of raw granola with almond milk is great, and the poached farmers market eggs with sauteed organic kale and tomatoes is fabulous, the one thing these approaches to your morning meal have in common is their interaction with the digestive system.

Breakfast literally refers to the concept of breaking your fast. Once you go to bed at night, your body has the job of building, regenerating, detoxifying and eliminating, which is a full time job that requires time and energy. The interesting thing is that this process can be extended and maximized, thereby improving our health, if we break our fast by drinking our breakfast rather than eating it.

By drinking our breakfast, we flood the body with high-density nutrition that will continue to promote the rebuilding, regenerating and cleansing processes of the body without taxing the digestive system. Unlike eating your breakfast, drinking nutrient-rich liquids requires minimal digestion, which allows these vital nutrients to be put to work right away. Furthermore, for those of us that deal with digestive issues, the consumption of whole foods early in the morning can inhibit these important processes, often increasing the overall toxicity of the body, not minimizing it.

The great news is that this simple health tip impacts the physiology of your body at such a deep level, the results can often be far-reaching. You may find that this approach helps to improve your energy, reduce digestive ailments, keep you looking young and vibrant while also keeping you on a healthy track for the rest of the day. Because honestly, if you get all your nutrients at breakfast, the bar has already been set high, inevitably leading you to succeed from there forward.

So what are we drinking? I would suggest a superfood smoothie packed to the brim with green leafy vegetables, seasonal low-sugar fruits, healthy fats such as avocado, hemp or chia seeds, and a clean source of organic protein powder. The combinations are endless, so you will never get stuck in a rut. If you live near Pressed Juicery West Hollywood, you’re lucky enough to have access to our amazing smoothies. We also love mixing our Almond Milk with Greens 3trust us!

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