The Little Market, an online artisan marketplace founded by former TCM Guest Editors Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, is dedicated to empowering female artisans around the world. Their latest collection is a set of hand-painted glassware from a group of Morrocan artisans we loved learning about. Dive into the inspiring story, then grab a set for yourself (as if you weren’t already thinking about it). Here’s Hannah with the story behind the remarkable Parisians who started Chabi Chic… 

The Little Market is a mission-driven nonprofit working with artisans around the world to curate and design beautiful products that preserve cultural techniques and traditions.

Each piece from our brand new glassware collection is handmade by artisans in Morocco working with Chabi Chic, The Little Market’s newest artisan partner. Chabi Chic’s talented artisans make glassware, ceramics and furniture. We were drawn to their mission of protecting Moroccan culture, preserving beautiful traditions and techniques, and improving the quality of the artisans’ lives. The artisans work hard to preserve a tradition that has been passed down through generations and that is facing competition in today’s global environment. We were impressed by the way the artisans preserve traditional designs while incorporating a modern take.

The organization was founded by two women from Paris, a former architect and a former home decorator, who moved to Marrakech 10 years ago. We love working with artisan groups that are women-led and women-founded. The founders goals include: creating high quality and handmade home goods that are ethically made from natural materials; benefitting the artisans’ livelihoods, creativity and vast skill sets; and sharing the traditions nationally and globally – it’s important to us to work with artisan groups who share our values.

Chabi Chic works with approximately 18 artisans between the ages of 20 to 60. While some of the artisans, such as those who work on pottery and ceramics, are based out of workshops, some also work out of their homes. Most of the artisans are local to the area, but Chabi Chic also works with artisans in mountain villages and along the coast.

Chabi Chic is part of the Marrakech Cultural and Creative Industries, a program started by the United Nations. Through this program, Chabi Chic is given access to funds for the artisans looking to improve their skill sets and sell their work. Furthermore, centuries of Moroccan traditions and techniques are protected in the making of this glassware.

In addition to the artisans’ incredible stories, what drew us into the glassware pieces in particular were the design elements — lovely colors and beautiful shapes. The distinct shapes are consistent with traditional Moroccan design. Our collection includes both unpainted options as well as hand-painted options in white, blush and blue paint. The blue evokes a beachy feel and would complement the decor for homes near the water. The white and unpainted options are simple, elegant and versatile pieces that would be beautiful in any home.

Each purchase from our online store, including this collection, contributes to sustainable jobs and better lives for the artisans, their families and their communities. Together, our efforts generate meaningful opportunities that changes lives, transform communities, combat poverty and create social justice.

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