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The End has come – at least for Brookyln where the new cafe slash beverage mecca The End is supercharging locals with a menu of plant-based potions, lattes and elixirs. With drink names as irresistible as their ingredients – the ayurdevic “bonfire cider” and blue-green algae infused “unicorn latte” are major stand-outs – this place is the kind of high-vibe cafe we hope goes bi-coastal stat.

Founded by a pair of childhood friends, The End aims to create a space where wellness just is. The cozy cafe environment is cool but not inaccessibly so, and their selection of plant-based snacks is all the more reason to linger. Our favorite New York foodieKat Odell stopped by to sample the drink list we’re determined to try all of – here’s what you need to know about it…

What I Drank: The End’s Radiance Dust Beauty Latte

Why I Drank It: I love the zip of fresh ginger. Somehow, any drink liberally spiked with the root immediately makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my body, and in winter I love a heavy hit of the stuff warmed into a tea. As a kid, when I wasn’t feeling well, my grandmother would make me an elixir with half a lemon, honey and lots of fresh ginger, boiled as a tea — and a similar such drink is on offer at Williamsburg’s The End. Here, the Radiance Dust Beauty Latte calls for Montauk Juice Factory’s Radiance Dust juice (ginger, turmeric, camu camu, sea buckthorn, chamomile blossoms), which is heated and blended with coconut milk and butter, plus collagen.

Why You Need It: The kids behind Long Island’s Montauk Juice Factory threw open the doors to their whitewashed juice box over the summer, but they’ve just recently rolled out a new menu of plant-based tonics aimed to pep you up or chill you out, or remedy that cold. There’s an Earl Grey tea latte with rose petals, and even an aptly named Psychedelic Blue Unicorn Latte hued with algae. Because healthy can taste good, too.

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