The Coolest Wood Frames Under The Sun

Like stumbling onto a secret garden, we’ve fallen unexpectedly in love with the handcrafted wood frames from Shwood Sunglasses. Though they launched online in 2009, they’ve been slowly gaining a cult following and have even collaborated with heritage brands like Pendleton—seriously how amazing are those laser-carved sunnies?—and Bushmills whiskey. The founders, Dan Genco, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Taylor Murray, Philip Peterson and Eric Singer started the company by creating frames from tree limbs, cabinet hinges, and loose lenses, and there’s still a handmade feel to each one of their signature frames. The Canby seems like the biggest crowd-pleaser, but we’re also enamored with the Oswold and Ashby styles. Of course, more than their great design, we like that the frames are made entirely from wood grown in  authorized and supervised plantations, and the founders are committed to making everything in Portland, Oregon. It’s no wonder Shwood won Dell’s America’s Favorite Small Business contest in October. A small business dedicated to quality and style? That sounds like a win-win to us!

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