Letter From the Editor: Meet The Chalkboard Eats

Hello, November — we can’t say we’ve been expecting you. You’ve actually snuck up on us as quickly as any season ever, but we’re not mad. The small fuss caused over losing the sun, sand and sundresses is far outweighed by the scent of all the fall things and comforting thought of gathering loved ones nearer than ever this year.

November First is also the start of a season of eating and – to celebrate – we are thrilled to launch our new Instagram handle @thechalkboardeats. Here’s what to expect…

Our popular hashtag, thechalkboardeats, has been around for years. Scroll back far enough and you’ll see it roll through peak avocado toast season (2015?), on through the mermaid and unicorn food trend and more ‘bowls’ than you ever thought possible.

Our goal in launching The Chalkboard Eats is this: share the best of our own clean eating content (mostly recipes, but including genius tips and shopping ideas), our top picks from reader content tagged with our handle, plus the best of our incredible community of wellness food bloggers!

Here’s what you won’t see on The Chalkboard Eats: anything we wouldn’t actually make for breakfast, lunch or dinner ourselves. That means no twelve layer chia puddings, panda-patterned smoothie bowls or food as art posts. This feed is all about what’s for dinner. Actually. 

The feed is a selfish idea, really — we constantly need fresh inspiration for our afternoon superfood lattes, weeknight dinners and beyond. We plan on scoping out our own feed for ideas and can’t wait to see what you tag us with. Don’t be shy — we’d love to see more of our ‘non-blogging’ readers share what they actually eat in a day!

In The Shop this month, we’ve curated a collection of things for the kitchen that express exactly what The Chalkboard Eats is all about: practical solutions that are chic and stylish, superfood staples to make things easy and sustainable tools to make it all work. Tell us your favorites and come join our community!

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  1. Your link to the instagram page goes to the wrong profile, FYI! <3

    Rebecca | 11.01.2018 | Reply
    • Thank you for the heads up! We’ve fixed the link xx

      The Chalkboard Mag | 11.01.2018 | Reply
  2. I’ve never seen a ceramic French press before! I’m in love with it! Now all I need is someone to love me enough to buy it for me for Christmas …or my birthday . ❤️☕️‍♀️.

    Cable Jacqueline | 11.28.2018 | Reply

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