The Break-Up Kit: How To Mend A Broken Heart

We’re deeply steeped in content and conversations about love this month. But you can’t talk about all the mushy stuff long without coming across the subject of heartbreak. When the heart churns in the romantic relationship arena, usually what’s required is a little – or a lot – of extra TLC for the soul, a little reminder that you are more than just half of what was, you are whole on your own.

While re-connecting to that idea takes time and can be aided by many means, we love this ingenious set of uplifting gifts put together by Sage Machado. Sage is an L.A.-based artist with a line of perfume oils we love and who counts clients like Madonna, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba as loyal fans. Because she offers custom scents and creates gorgeous gem-based jewelry, her clients began requesting the kind of custom work that would help them get through splits and perk up hearts. Sage went further and created an official Sage Break-Up Kit. Starting with a one-on-one consultation, Sage gauges client’s needs and uses gem and color therapies to create jewelry that address all emotional aspects of a breakup: protect and remedy a broken heart, as well as commemorate the love once shared.  The all-natural perfume oils are blended to help in the healing process too. We love this idea of a whole set of personal, heart-boosting gifts for a friend going through a break-up. Giving one of these kits to a loved one with a wounded heart is thoughtful, the gems and scents are enough to lift anyone’s spirits, and it’s the perfect way to begin that journey toward a healed heart. Here is Sage herself with a few details on this unique remedy…

The Chalkboard Mag: Sage, we love this concept. What exactly is a break-up kit?
Sage Machado: A break-up kit is a jewelry and fragrance set that helps to ignite a new beginning, and encourages movement out of the slumber of a broken heart and into the birth of the new you.

TCM: How did this idea come about? 
SM: The idea was sparked by my deep and personal connections with my closest clients and my desire to enrich their lives.

TCM: In brief, what is the gem therapy aspect all about?
SM: Gem therapy is all about joining color and gems with symbolic meanings to help create a token that can calm the mind, enhance healing and be a continual reminder throughout the day to stay present with those healing thoughts.

TCM: And the aromatherapy aspect?
SM: This aspect is all about discovering fragrances from my twenty fragrance oils that will inspire a new beginning. Aromatherapy can refresh you on both the inside and out.

TCM: What are some of the common scents and stones you rely on for the kits?
SM: With the fragrances it really depends on the client; it will range greatly depending on the individual’s needs. As far as the gemstones go, chrysoprase is a favorite of mine for new beginnings and finding balance. This is the number-one gem for mending a broken heart.

TCM: What is the consultation experience like? What are you looking to get a sense of from women?
SM: My consultations are always gentle, friendly and loving. I’m looking to find elements that will bring my clients joy and remind them of their true selves, which we’re trying to bring to the surface to catalyze their movement forward. A token is a great way to bring focus to this authentic joy and positive change throughout their day.

TCM: Other than gems and oils, what is your best remedy for a broken heart?
SM: Long walks to clear your mind, doing any activity that makes you happy – and lots of smiles!


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