best crudite boards in los angeles

Crudite has come a long way in the culinary world. We can’t think of anything more classic than a veggie crudite at a holiday gathering – especially in health conscious Los Angeles, but, until recently, most veggie platters were about as exciting as decaf on a Monday morning.

Here, we’re gathered together six of our favorite caterers who know how to throw down those veggie trays right. Soak up some inspiration for your next DIY dinner party or place an order for one of these beauties to collect your cred as the best holiday host ever…

Sorella Collective | These gorgeous ‘grazing boards’ from Sorella Collective are the work of two sisters, Shelby and Savannah. Their combined backgrounds include interior design and advocacy for sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals. Together, they create crudite, cheese and charcuterie boards that basically double as art.
 Lady and Larder
Lady and Larder | Generally we’re fans of variety, but if you can do something specific perfectly, why deviate? Lady and Larder — the second sibling-owned and operated catering co on our list —  specializes in handmade meat and cheese platters, as well as some stunning vegan crudite and hummus creations! Each board is highly curated, beautifully styled, and gustatorily balanced.
 Annie campbell
Annie Campbell | Local event planner and catering pro, Annie Campbell, has a signature vibe: traditional with a twist. True to form, her crudite boards are fundamentally just raw veggies with dip, but styled with such a fine attention to detail they almost look like prints!
Heirloom LA | Whenever we need dinner party inso — whether that’s for food or for decor — Hollywood’s top plant-based catering co, Heriloom LA, is our standard go-to resource. Their wild-yet-styled crudite boards are a hot mess of hyper-local raw veggies and clean accoutrements to dip them into. Dream come true? Most definitely.
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