We’re entering the fall with the best of intentions: cooking from scratch,  juicing, eating more vegetables. We’re kind of thrilled at the prospect of colder weather and all the coziness it brings! But right along with all of our fall cooking plans come the projects and responsibilities that can far too easily scoot our recipes to the side. Here to help us with all of that is Summerland Produce Company.

Much like we do at Pressed Juicery, Summerland Produce seeks to provide people with that ‘milkman’-like experience: farm-fresh goodies delivered right to your doorstep. Having years of good relationships with the best organic farms in Southern California, founder Angelika McKay offers mini-cornacopias of local produce that can be delivered regularly at the push of a button. We’re obsessed with this service that makes us feel like all of our well-intentioned cooking plans can actually become a reality!

We recently caught up with Angelika at one of our favorite farmer’s markets as she filled us in on a day in the life of a farmer’s market superstar! Watch for more on Summerland throughout the fall as we share amazing local produce ideas to use throughout the season…

6:30 am:

Wake up and start prepping my first latte! I’m serious about my coffee and love the smell of grinding Handsome Roasters espresso beans first thing in the morning.

7:00 am:

First check-in with our warehouse and delivery crew to make sure all is going smoothly.

8:00 am:

Review sales/orders for the day and respond to customer emails. We pride ourselves on having great customer service in addition to the best products available – we have the best clients!

10:00 am:

I like to eat a late breakfast! This usually entails steel-cut oatmeal with some type of fruit from one of our farmers. We get a lot of produce samples and need to put them to good use – today we had a couple mariposa plums from Burkhart Farms!

11:00 am:

Review all produce orders and set up tastings for new vendors. We love adding unique varieties into our product mix! Peppers are in high season now – it’s tough to decide which one to use. I’m loving the heat from the Hungarian wax peppers at the moment!

1:00 pm:

Meet with Richard from Pedro’s Ranch. We discuss the sweetness of the new crop of cherry tomatoes. He leaves us with some tomatoes, and a cantaloupe that was just picked.

2:00 pm:

Lunch!! I prefer to eat light during the day and lunch usually consists of a salad. I love fruit and right now I’m obsessed with stone-fruit salads.

3:00 pm:

Look at menus for the upcoming weeks and start planning future sourcing. Email chef upcoming box plans for phone meeting.

3:30 pm:

Head down the street with my dog, Titus, to Handsome Coffee for one of their five-ounce lattes – we both need a little fresh air by now!

4:00 pm:

Phone meeting with chef to discuss upcoming recipes. We talk about hot/cold salad options for the summertime.

5:45 pm:

Pop in to a quick barre class!

7:15 pm:

Make appetizer of Pedro’s cantaloupe and prosciutto from Rocco’s Italian Market. Next order of business: Whip up a quick grapefruit/mint cocktail with Citrus 3 and a splash of Chopin vodka – yum! Super delicious, yet ridiculously easy to make – what more could a busy girl ask for?

7:30 pm:

Husband finally arrives home and we make one of my faves: pan-roasted John Dory with peperonata and French beans. Open a chardonnay from Liquid Farm and call it a day!

9:00 pm:

Curl up on the couch with my iPad and catch up on magazines. I love the convenience of digital subscriptions and having everything in one place. I cherish my quiet time – I read everything from Fitness and W to Rolling Stone and National Geographic!

10:30 pm:

Crash – I have to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow morning!

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