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Tess Adams is one of our go-to aestheticians here in L.A. She is the heartbeat of Take Care, the bi-coastal studio offering cutting edge modalities coupled with a deeply holistic approach we can’t resist.

Take Care’s LA studio is the ultimate aesthetic experience in Venice. Between tea ceremonies, microcurrent body treatments and microneedling facials with stem cells, you could consider this one of the ultimate wellness experiences available near the beach lately.

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Traveling regularly between LA, New York City and the Hamptons, Tess offers her covetable signature treatments to the brand’s in-the-know clients wherever they need her. Her customizable combination of microcurrent, stem cells, microdermabrasion, LED therapy, oxygen, and microneedling are in demand from coast to coast.

So what does a pro on this level use in her own daily routine? Turns out it’s a simple, super-charged and carefully crafted ritual reliant on some of the best products available…

Inside The Nighttime Skincare Routine Of Aesthetician Tess Adams of Take Care

“As a mother with a toddler, I max out the ritual of my nighttime routine. It is my alone time, it is sacred and deeply nourishing. Anyone who has small children will understand this!

As soon as the baby goes down, I draw my bath. I try to soak with Ancient Minerals epsom salt in the tub almost every night as it helps me ground. While the tub fills I take off the day by cleansing my face with Marie Veronique’s Pure + E.O. Free Oil Cleanser. I prefer oil cleansing so that my makeup comes right off.

my beauty routine with tess adams

I like dry brushing with Primally Pure dry brushes. I have one for the body and one for the face. This is an energetic clearing as well as a physical one, helping to slough off dead skin cells and stimulate the lymphatic system. In the most arid times I follow dry brushing with an OSEA body oil before I get in the water. The heat of the bath helps the oil penetrate, calming the nervous system and giving me baby soft skin. Highly recommended!

Post-bath, I pat dry with a highly absorbant bamboo towel like this one from Luxome and spray Imber mist by REALEA with high-grade frankincense, colloidal silver and lemon balm over my face and décolleté. I pat in the extra mist, which helps maintain the skin’s pH to ensure products penetrate optimally.

Aurora is my favorite product from hand-crafted California brand REALEA and the best part of my ritual. This healing balm is so rich and melts between my hands. I massage generously over my face and neck. Aurora has oil of egg yolk, a natural retinol, so I’ve been able to stop using my nightly retinol serum—one less step.

Next, I take my spiked jade roller from Cecily Braden and roll it over the magical products. I dress in a silk nightgown from AWAVEAWAKE so that my lymphatic system keeps flowing through the night!

I have a mantra practice that helps me to release fear before winding down: Shante Prashante Sarva Bhaya Upasha Mani Swaha. I repeat this mantra internally throughout the day and at this point in the evening I attempt a whole mala, a round of 108 repetitions. This really helps my nervous system power down! After this little ritual, I check on the baby, count my many blessings and it’s lights out until the baby wakes next.

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