TCM Review: Odacite Beautiful Day Moisturizer

What initially drew me to the Odacite brand was the idea that it’s made with fresh ingredients from around the globe, with many of their products kept refrigerated to ensure that freshness. Every product comes with a date at the bottom to guarantee its ingredients are working their best. Brand founder Valérie Grandury questions in her mission statement how bottled skincare products that are years old can remain effective and concludes that they cannot. A very true statement, and the high quality of the Odacite line makes it an easy switch from luxury mainstream brands.

The Beautiful Day moisturizer, $75, is packed with nutrient rich pressed oils and powerful ingredients like DMAE and MSM. DMAE is the well-known organic compound touted by Dr. Perricone for its anti-iflammatory properties and ability to improve muscle tone & elasticity, while MSM works beautifully to stimulate collagen.

The formulation of the Beautiful Day moisturizer soaks into the skin effortlessly without leaving a trace of residue. The skin is instantly hydrated and any signs of fine lines begin to diminish. This product is excellent for men, too, as shaving can cause irritation and unwanted clogged pores. The anti-inflammatory properties quickly soothe any irritation to leave the skin clear and fresh. Even at the end of the day, skin remains hydrated without appearing greasy but still exuding a healthy glow. This is a product you surely don’t want to miss out on!

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