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Whether you need light, balanced meals to prepare your body for your next cleanse or extra help keeping your diet under control through the holidays, healthy home delivery can be a life-saver. When personal trainer Fred Khorshidi couldn’t find a service that fit the kind of diet he recommended to clients, he decided to take things into his own hands. After whipping up a few healthy meals for clients himself, he realized there was a demand for healthy, light and low-sodium meals that he certainly couldn’t fulfill on his own. Partnering with long time friend and health-enthusiast Carly Hoftman, Fred put together a delicious program called Simple Foods to provide his LA clients and others with a healthy and convenient solution to the ever-present question ‘what’s for dinner?’.

The Chalkboard Mag: What is the inspiration behind Simple Foods?
SimpleFoods (Fred): “I longed to find a diet delivery that was up to par with having a private chef. It didn’t exist, so Carly and I created SimpleFoods. We are the only food delivery that focuses on low sodium combined with calorie/portion control! Our food is completely unprocessed. We focus on clean and simple foods with limited ingredients – everything is made from scratch. Marketing is done daily to ensure the freshest meats and produce.”

TCM: Who did you have in mind when you designed your service?
SimpleFoods: “The SimpleFoods customer could be anyone – from the busy executive who doesn’t have time to shop, an actor getting ready for a movie role or a stay at home mom wanting to get her figure back. The person who, for medical reasons, needs to be conscious of their sodium intake is someone we want to cater to as well. Really this service can be used by anyone. We live in a world of convenience and anyone looking to make their lives a bit easier and maintain a healthy lifestyle could really benefit from our service.

Besides daily delivery, we offer additional services including catering, meals for kids to help keep a balanced nutritious diet, a cleanse for pre-juice cleanse and post juice cleanse.”

TCM: Most popular dishes/personal favorites?
SimpleFoods: “Favorite dishes, that’s a tough one! If we had to narrow it down to a few, we love our salmon with seasonal vegetables, farro salad and banana pancakes. Favorite snacks would have to be fruit salad, watermelon drizzled with rose water and quinoa salad.”

TCM: We love home delivery – any other favorites in home delivery department?
SimpleFoods: “Like our customers, we appreciate convenience so we love a service that provides home pick up and drop off. Two personal favorites for both of us are in-house massage as well as Pressed Juicery delivery. In the beginning, the home delivery saved us a lot of driving from West Hollywood to Brentwood.”

Bookmark this link to Simple Foods – let them help you make it through your next overly-scheduled work week in health!

Eat Simple Foods – A One-Day Giveaway!
One lucky LA-based reader will win a full day of Simple Foods delivery service! Tell us your best tips for eating healthy on-the-go in the comments below – the best reader comment wins!*

* Winner must received delivery to a home address within 15 miles of West LA.
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