March Shop for spring

The slog through winter and into a slowly emerging spring requires patience and a little extra inspiration to keep our mood and motivation in tip-top condition.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing quite a bit on mood management, from supplements with promise to alleviate depression symptoms to today’s piece on movement-based meditation from yogi Kait Hurley – a must-read for anxious types.

We love curating the monthly shop picks for you – and we know you love shopping them. It’s our goal to find items that bring that extra spark to wellness habits we’re all devoted to. Last month, our favorite natural beauty supplement (it’s not collagen) and these heart-print leggings were the most shopped.

This month, these color-blocked Bandier leggings strike us as made for an early spring run, and there’s something about this incredibly simple Nike bra that feels incredibly modern.

If you haven’t begun dry brushing yet, learn why you should start and add this Scandi-chic wooden version to your shower ASAP. Just a short brushing routine before you shower will have your skin firmer and glowier before the warmer months hit.

Two edible wellness staples made their way out of the fray of daily product mailings and into The Shop this month. We rarely find a packaged snack we like this much – but Nativas Naturals vanilla green powder and Alter Eco’s insanely good (and syrup-free) coconut clusters both fit the bill. We’ve demolished a good amount of both here in the office which lets you know the recommendation is real. Eat more whole foods, sure – but rely on little conveniences like these to make life doable in between!

Learn to make kombucha; grow a baby moss terrarium; and buy this lasting TCM favorite: the farmer’s market backpack (shop this story for the full look)…


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