Summer Shopping

Oh, June. It’s safe to say we’ve been anticipating your arrival since about January. There’s something about this particular year that makes the arrival of summer all the more delicious. And we plan on wringing every last drop of seawater out of the season with our summer beach reads and our crocheted swimwear.

In the summer shop this year, you’ll find a few useful and beautiful items we’ve curated to help you make the most of the coming months. Lily Ashwell’s linen overalls will become your farmer’s market-to-the-beach uniform (several colors are recommended!). This lace-up one piece is a dream for travel. Wear with denim or on it’s own depending on where your adventures take you.

We love this spiky water bottle to keep us hydration-focused, but if you really want to stay dewy add a drop of Beauty Chef’s Hydration elixir to your morning h2o too. As far as accessories go, we can’t get enough of all things straw. This adorable little tote pairs well with everything in our ideal summer wardrobe, as does this leather and precious stone fannypack – although the latter is a bolder statement.

Keep summer beauty in check with our #1 pick for skincare this season: S.W. Basics’ aloe vera powder. We haven’t run across such a simple, genius product in a while. Keep the powder within easy reach for post-pool recovery. Or make a weekly mask of it to keep hydration levels high. Just a few drops of water bring the healing plant back to life.

We’re also loving Anthropologie’s new natural beauty line, Puristry, including their light and firming yerba mate eye cream. For summer, consider lightening up your skin care regimen. Your winter night cream might be great in November, but it could weigh down skin in these warmer months. We love African Botanics clay cleanser and Puristry’s cactus cleanser for just that reason.

Lastly, whether you throw it out in front of the couch for a lazy reading day, into the yard for an impromptu picnic, or pack it for the road trip of a lifetime, go for a classic Pendleton throw or towel. We’re loving this tribal geometric style and their all American stripes never fail either.

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