TCM February: A Month To Move, Nourish, Believe + Have A Little Fun

February can oscillate between extremes, from cold and gloomy to gauche and girly. This month, we’re planning to sidestep all that jazz and dial straight in on February’s sweet spot: fun.

If last month was all about the hopefulness and motivation of setting new goals, this month is about funneling those goals down into fresh, fun and workable daily patterns we can stick to. Where does “fun” rank in your metrics of success for a day well spent? News flash: we spend more time, thought and energy on the things we enjoy then on the things we don’t. Perhaps all that’s missing in your quest to make those healthy meal plans, balanced routines or yoga goals stick is the fun factor? We’re looking for all the ways to reward ourselves, small and big, as we steer our lives in a more vibrant and balanced direction.

Once we’d decided our theme for this month, we knew we needed someone like Lorna Jane to sync up with us and teach us all she knows on the matter. Lorna is the global powerhouse behind the fun and functional fitnesswear brand named (you guessed it,) Lorna Jane. We don’t know what it is about these girls from Down Under, but we’re obsessed with everything they do lately and are taking several pages out of their book on living well and having fun doing it.

Lorna’s high-energy attitude toward fitness and healthful living strikes us just right. One minute with Lorna and you’ll understand exactly where the sassy, effervescent vibe of the brand comes from.

Join us all month long, as we share the “Move, Nourish, Believe” message through Lorna’s own personal notes and walk ourselves through the month with a lighter step that will enable all of us to keep a healthier pace through the rest of 2016!

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