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We’re seeing CBD everywhere right now and we know you are too. Although you may feel at max-capacity on new wellness trends, you should make room in your wellness repertoire for this one – CBD is here to stay. Here’s why…

When we met the two young, female founders of Sagely Naturals and learned they were about to launch a targeted line for stress and anxiety, we knew we wanted to partner right away. Stress is a leading topic in our wellness coverage lately (if you haven’t noticed), and learning to navigate life’s most stressful seasons is a non-negotiable for vital health. We tried Sagely’s new Tranquility capsules every day for a week and could feel a major difference in our mood right away (although the Sagely’s ladies have taught us that CBD’s best results are cumulative!). The capsules are formulated with a targeted dose of (THC-free) full-spectrum CBD oil and functional ingredients like L-theanine, ashwagandha, lavender and chamomile. The clean ingredients work synergistically to address stress and anxiety on a molecular level.

The new line also includes a topical CBD cream with marula and lavender and a potent CBD roll-on with aromatherapeutic essential oils.

Earlier this week, we hosted a gathering of LA editors and influencers inside Venice’s Love Yoga to try Sagely Naturals’ new line for the first time. Before a refreshing breathwork session with Love Yoga’s Kyle Miller, we learned a ton from our chat with founders Kaley and Kerrigan – including the fact that CBD is non-addictive and doesn’t require upping the dosing over time.

Watch for more next week as we share the CBD-infused bites at our event from Haute Chefs LA and learn more about CBD for stress from the founders below…

CBD + seratonin. According to anecdotal evidence and science, CBD tackles stress like a 300-pound football player. The molecule ensures there are more mood-regulating chemicals like serotonin available for the body to use. While CBD doesn’t create these chemicals, it makes them more accessible so the brain and body can use them more efficiently, and return to a state of balance in a completely natural way.

this is your brain on cbd. CBD also stimulates neurogenesis or the growth of cells in the brain. Studies have revealed that in people who are really anxious or depressed the hippocampus shrinks, but after introducing CBD, neuro-imaging showed an increase in the size of this part of the brain.

cbd is not thc. CBD is derived from cannabis, but it will not get you high like smoking a joint would. The psychoactive effects of cannabis come from another chemical, THC. CBD is non-intoxicating, and contains unique healing properties that THC doesn’t. CBD actually has an antipsychotic effect (did you know that if you’ve ingested too much THC, taking some CBD can actually help you become less high?)

Most CBD products are sourced from hemp, a legal plant that contains both CBD and THC. While hemp will only have up to 0.3% THC (very little compared to marijuana), it means some CBD products could be slightly intoxicating (read your labels!). Sagely removes all trace amounts of THC so their products contain 0.0% of it, which makes it totally safe to pop a capsule midday day to help deal with stress and anxiety.

about endocanabinoids. There’s a biological reason why CBD work so well for reducing stress and anxiety. All mammals, not just humans, are born with an endocannabinoid system. This network of CBD receptors is located along our central nervous system. When we take CBD, it engages these receptors and communicates with the rest of the body to fix imbalances, from sharpening our immune response to regulating anxiety, stress and pain sensation. Like adaptogens, CBD can read what your body needs and knows what it needs to do to help you adapt. It doesn’t force our bodies to feel something, but rather it naturally stimulates certain molecules (like the “bliss molecule” anandamide) to help the increase the availability of it.

cbd is cumulative. Be patient, the effect is cumulative but it’s worth the wait. If you eat a salad one day it might make you feel great for a bit,  but your skin isn’t going to glow until you start eating salad every day for a couple of weeks. Similarly, the more CBD that builds up in our system, the more potent of an effect it has on our stress levels. For people who smoke cannabis, the benefits of CBD may kick in faster and more noticeably than someone who doesn’t because you already have your endocannabinoid system getting primed. That doesn’t mean if you don’t smoke you won’t feel it, you just need to make CBD a daily habit until your body is used to it.

benefit from daily use. You could feel a change after using CBD just once, but most of us get the most benefits from using CBD daily. Play around with different products and dosages consciously until you find a routine that works for you.

cbd is non-habit forming. CBD is non-addictive, meaning we don’t build a tolerance. Once you find the right dose it’ll keep working, and actually will start working better the longer you keep up with taking it.

CBD Works Topically too. Most people don’t know that CBD works great transdermally. Our skin is our largest organ, so for the same reason we’re so careful about the shampoos and lotions we use (because what’s in them sinks into our skin) CBD can and should be applied topically. Using a lotion or serum is a great way to introduce CBD to your system if you’re not ready to start popping capsules just yet.

It’s All About Maintenance. While it might sound like a miraculous fix-all (which it kinda is), using CBD for stress works best when incorporated into a lifestyle that supports the same mission. A daily yoga practice is the perfect pairing if we’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety, and have a more connected dialogue with our nervous system. Yoga is a longevity practice; while it has immediate benefits, it’s intended for long-term maintenance of our well being. CBD works similarly.

Read LAbels Carefully. According to the Sagely founders, one of the most important things to look for on the label is full-spectrum CBD. Often manufacturers will use a hemp isolate instead. An isolate is like corn starch, which is as far from corn as possible, very cheap to produce and not great for your body. Just like with food, using the whole plant provides a wider range of complementary nutrients. If you’re taking a product daily it should incorporate all the healing stuff in the plant. It should also be designed to be bioavailable, another key term to keep an eye out for.

There are Tons of Options. To get a daily dose of CBD, you can use a vape, take capsules, liquid tinctures and oils. You can use a roller ball or lotion, which Sagely offers. There are even bottled beverages, honey and beauty products with CBD — explore our favorites here. Do what works for you, find the CBD experience that fits into your life, and keep it up!

This post is brought to you by Sagely Naturals.

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