The long weekend means that most of us are either (a) foregoing the gym for some Memorial Day fun, or (b) cursing the gym for closing early in lieu of some Memorial Day fun! Whichever camp you fall into, there’s no reason you can’t fit a killer workout in wherever you are, whenever you want. Lifestyle blogger Lauren Gores Ireland led us through this outdoor workout that not only involves no equipment whatsoever, it’s made up of only three moves total. Perform this sequence three times with 30 seconds of rest in between, and you’re done in as much time as it takes to fire up the BBQ…

Springtime pushes me to get outdoors more often – the air feels new and the grass seems grateful for more company. Mere minutes spent outdoors, whether in the middle of a busy week or lazy Sunday, always boosts my mood and mentality.

When the weather is this good, I push myself to squeeze in more outdoor workouts. My trainer, Mike Alexander, created this park fitness plan for spring – perfect for Memorial Day and all the outdoor celebrations that happen over the long weekend. The following circuit is a full-body workout that doesn’t require any bulky gym equipment. To increase intensity, you can add running, walking or biking between exercises:

A Quick + Easy Outdoor Routine
Rest 30 seconds between each exercise; repeat the workout 3 times.

Broad Jump:

20 reps: Begin in a squat position, with your arms extended by your sides. Jump forward, extending your arms and legs in tandem. Land in the same position you started in. 

Leg Extension:

20 reps on each leg: Get in a pushup position. Place a circle band around the base of your ankles (this will also work without a band). Alternate between raising each leg, while squeezing your glutes and abs.

Jumping Jack Flies:

30 seconds: Begin in a standing position, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms extended in front of you. Jump out as though you’re doing a traditional jumping jack, however, your arms should extend out into the shape of a T. 

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