6 Gorgeous Natural Basics For A More Sustainable Shower

We’re looking to ‘Lather. Rinse. Repeat.’ while we ‘Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.’ Here’s how: by replacing a few of the plastic and disposable items in our daily shower routine.

Here are nine basics for the shower made from nature and involving minimal waste, including a natural rubber bath mat with ultra-70’s vibes. Pick a couple of things that will elevate your space at home and your daily routine…

odacite shampoo

Odacite 552M Soap Free Shampoo Bar | This little stone-shaped soap is actually a shampoo bar. A highly effective shampoo bar, at that. For the ultra-minimalist, this shampoo is a dream and it’s also perfect for travel.

silk sea sponge

Silk Sea Sponge | Why use a synthetic sponge, when nature’s originals are so beautiful? These naturally silky sea sponges will look gorgeous laying around your bathtub and play nicely with your skin.

dry brush

Biossance Dry Body Brush | Have you picked up a dry brush routine yet? Maybe now’s the time. Skip the synthetic fibers and stick with an all natural body brush like this one that applies just the right amount of pressure for a good pre-shower brush down.

Babas Soapery Loofah | Body scrubs are great, but if you’re looking for the ultimate low-waste and sustainable body treatment, this is it. Did you know that loofahs are actually dried fruit?  Use a thoroughly moistened loofah to give your full body an exfoliating treatment several times a week.

Fine Mist Glass Spray Bottles + Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Keep a glass bottle of essential oil in the shower. Once the shower fills with steam spritz generously and enjoy your own private steam shower. Eucalyptus opens the airways and calms the nerves. 


Baudelaire Sisal Body Scrubber | Another little body scrubber, this sisal number is a great alternative to a plastic body pouf. It’s also just so much more chic to find lying around on our tiles.


Aquis hair turban luxe | Air dry hair faster with a hair turban from Aquis. One towel or turban lasts three years or more and dries hair miraculously fast. Reduce your hairdryer use, keep your hair healthier and make getting ready in the mornings a much quicker affair.


Ethique Eco-Friendly Bodywash Bar | Remember soap? Maybe you have sour memories which is why even a bar like this one is named “bodywash bar”. This fragrant bar soap is a super sustainable option instead of those big jugs of body wash and there’s something so calm and tactile about switching to a sudsy bar instead of a liquid wash.

HEVEA Bath Mat| Reminder: rubber is not plastic. Rubber material comes from actual rubber trees and, when harvested sustainably, provides an incredible alternative to more synthetic materials. We’re in love with this natural rubber bath mat for the retro, earthy, sustainable flair it adds to the bath.

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