There are few more lovely gifts to send than a bouquet of flowers. But, lately, an impressive delivery of blooming buds has become harder and harder to come by! We love to send flowers for almost every occasion – lilies to coworkers for work well done, roses to our moms just because, and simple blooms to our best friends for a little lift after the big break-up or before a big birthday.  But unless you’re hand-delivering, sending flowers just ain’t what it used to be. The tired options, tacky add-ons, and through-the-roof fees at the flower-powers that be have us wearied of the whole flower delivery biz.

Recently, we ran across the new, sustainable – and affordable – flower shop, The Bouqs!  By sending flowers directly from their own sustainably-run farm, The Bouqs.com is providing better blooms, cheaper prices and farm-fresh quality. The Bouqs’ environmentally and socially responsible farming practices are enough to get us buying, but we love their prices too. We’re happy to find ways to shop more sustainably, especially when it saves us pocket change!

These are the kinds of new businesses we feel good about getting behind! We asked the founders of TheBouqs.com to share a few insights on how to become a better shopper when it comes to sustainability. Here’s what they revealed…

Don’t sacrifice quality: Being sustainable or eco-friendly need not mean lower quality. In fact, it can mean a better quality product and service.

Stamps of approval: Look for important certifications and independent verification of the sustainable or responsible practices. In flowers this could be Rainforest Alliance, Veriflora or BASC certification, among others.

Sustainable can be affordable: You need not necessarily spend more. While some eco-friendly products come with premium prices, this isn’t a requirement. There are plenty of brands available at mass prices that don’t cut corners vis-a-vis the environment.

Well-rounded sustenance: The brand need not be only about sustainability. Look for brands that include sustainability in their story, but are also fun, interesting, or compelling to you or your intended recipient.

Labor of love: Responsibility isn’t just about the environment. It should extend to labor practices and customer service. Let’s love the earth, our partners and employees, and the customer!

Get industry-specific: Look at sustainability as a whole, and in context. Within different industries and across different brands, there may be different standards or methods by which they achieve sustainability. What one party considers eco-friendly, another may consider damaging, or simply unachievable.

Get real: Beware of eco buzzwords and look deeper. Does the sustainability story flow throughout the brand experience? Does the company practice what they preach?

Get some flower power!

TheBouqs.com is offering Chalkboard readers 15% off any single purchase! Use code CHALKBOUQ to make your purchase. (This offer cannot be combined with other offers.)

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