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Is a gift without wrapping even a gift at all? Of course, it is, but the extra layer of effort definitely makes the experience feel that much more special. We’ve been looking for sustainable gift wrapping ideas that create less waste, but still feel special — and experiential.

If you’re worried about not having a polished final product, fear not. With some guidance, the sustainable gift wrapping ideas below can be just as elegant as your average paper and bow — plus, you’ll get extra points for saving the planet. Got a genius idea you don’t see on our list? Share in the comments!

Wrap It In Cloth | We love this approach inspired by furoshiki, a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods. The above furoshiki fabric wrapping comes with all Christy Dawn purchases and are made with leftover materials. You can also wrap a gift in a linen, napkin, tablecloth, or scarf. Make the wrap part of the gift or hit up an antique store, estate sale, or even Etsy.

Put It In A Pot | Gifting small items like makeup, perfume or candles? Gift them in vanity-worthy container. Try gathering kitchen gifts in a basket or pot. It’s cute, unexpected and can be re-used — basically two gifts in one.

Recycle Your Bags | It’s fair game to give a gift in an unbranded shopping bag or gift bag you’ve received from someone else and handled with care. Fold in some tissue paper and call it a day in the name of sustainability.

Get Crafty | Instead of wrapping paper, try using old maps, newspaper or sheet music. Use what you already have laying around or score some cool vintage at your local flea market. We’re personally partial to sheet music.

Gift An Experience | Give the gift of a class, workshop or spa experience. No wrapping needed.

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