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Fit Chicks: 8 Surfer Girls With Major Instagram Game
Laura Enever (@lauraenever)

We are obsessed with this drop-dead gorgeous Australian's feed. In the water, out of the water, under the water...Laura seems to finds beauty in the world no matter where her board takes her.



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Each morning when we drive up the coastline and make our way to the office (best. commute. ever.), we get to sneak a peek at the surfer girls (and guys) who’ve been up way before the sun and are riding the waves before we’ve even had coffee. And we’re not gonna lie – we’ve contemplated pulling over and joining in. That surfer life is the peak of aspirational summer chic in our minds, and during these sweltering-hot months we can’t stop daydreaming about jumping in the ocean and catching a wave.

Thank goodness for Instagram, where we can follow some of the world’s fiercest surfer girls and pretend we’re right there with them. Whether you’re stuck inside all day or out in the fresh air, here are 8 Instagram surfers you’ll want to live vicariously through…

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