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New year, new you, new moon. A powerfully transitional year is getting the exit it deserves with a full moon January 1, 2018 – including all of the energetic shifts this astro-event is known to bring. January’s full moon is the wolf moon and is also dubbed a supermoon this year. Here’s what you should know, plus a ritual to put all that extra energy to good use from the ladies of Energy Muse…

What could possibly amplify the already charged energy of New Year’s? Try a full moon — like the kind we are looking forward to this January first! That’s right, we’re in for one intense evening of energy, and if we take advantage of this opportunity, that can be a very beneficial thing. A full moon, like New Year’s itself, carries a reputation for inspiring chaos. Rather than allowing this powerful energy to overwhelm you, choose to utilize its influence in a positive way.

This exciting and rare phenomenon is a great chance to start the year off with an energetic bang. Charge your spirit (and your crystals) under the light of the full moon, and set the tone for a vibrant, focused and energetically elevated year.

To embrace the energy of the evening, I have created this ritual to celebrate the New Year’s full moon. Do this ritual in a comfortable area outside, with the full moon in sight. We want to bathe in the moonlight so that our spirit and our crystals can soak in as much of the night’s energizing potential as possible. I recommend that the crystals you use in this ritual will be the same crystals you’ll use for every full-moon ritual you do for the rest of the year.

Through harnessing the energy of infinite potential that a full moon and start of the new year represents, you can proceed into 2018 more invigorated than ever before.

For a slightly more complex ritual for setting intentions with the moon, check out the “Living in Tune With the Moon” chapter of my book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You.

Using Spectrolite vs Crystal Sphere:
I suggest using either a spectrolite stone or a quartz crystal sphere for this ritual. Choose the one you’re most attracted to.

Spectrolite… is ideal because it is a stone that helps you accept and balance both light and dark energy as you work to realize your destiny. We go through a lot of ups and downs in the course of a year, and it can helpful to tune into an energy that will ground us in the constant focus of our goals.

A clear quartz sphere... is an equally valuable crystal tool to use due its ability to amplify energy, program intentions and bring clarity to situations. Using a quartz crystal sphere in this ritual will allow you to better manifest your intentions throughout the year. By guiding you toward a greater perspective, the elevated energy of clear quartz will remind you not to lose sight of your intentions by getting caught up in distractions that are beneath you.

A New Year’s Full Moon Ritual For New Year’s Day


a quartz crystal sphere or spectrolite
fireproof container


Take your crystal and sage outside to the area where you’d like to enjoy your ritual.

Light your sage, and waft the smoke over your body. After you’ve purified your spirit in the smoke of sage, immerse your crystal into the smoke. This will cleanse your crystal of any energy, so that it’s as ready to soak in the energy of the full potential of this year.

Remove your shoes, and root your bare feet on the stabilizing energy of the earth. Remain active as you stand by paying attention to the strength in your core, your legs, your mind and your breath. Raise your crystal up toward the moon and feel the energy of the moon and the energy course through you.

After a few moments spent syncing with the power of mother nature, state your intention to release the energy of the past, and begin anew with the fresh force of positivity illuminating your soul in this moment.

Spend a little time “moon bathing” and sit with your crystal in silence under the moon.

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