Superfood Spotlight: Parsley

Superfood Spotlight: Parsley

What You need to know: This game-changing green is way more than just a garnish. A delicious and highly nutritious relative of celery, parsley can be cultivated year-round, and is considered the world’s most popular herb. The most notable health benefits of parsley can be found in it’s two unique components: volatile oils and flavonoids.

Why You should try it: It’s no wonder scientists have labeled parsley a chemo-protective food. Volatile oils inhibit tumor formation, making parsley a fierce warrior against cancer. When ingested, these oils help to neutralize carcinogens, whether from cigarettes or those char-grilled foods coming off your backyard grill – making parsley-packed salads and dips ideal for those upcoming summer barbeques.

The flavonoids in parsley reduce and prevent oxygen-based damage within your blood cells, and contain properties that increase the antioxidant capacity of your blood. The folic acid in parsley comes with even more blood-friendly benefits, helping to control blood pressure and therefore protecting your heart. Add into the mix that parsley is great for optimal digestion, rich in vitamins A, C, B12 and K (153%!), and strengthening for your immune and nervous system, and you’ve got one super-powered little green.

Let’s Get Together: We love adding parsley into the mix when preparing salads, such as this red quinoa dish or raw brussels sprout salad, and whipping up this cancer-fighting miracle broth with fresh bunches of the herb. It’s a favorite in all kinds of alkalizing juice combinations you can create in your own kitchen – but if you’re juicer-less or simply on the go,  grab a bottle of Pressed Juicery Greens 1, 1.5, 2 or 3. All four varieties will provide you with your daily dose of this superfood. Drink up!

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