Superfood Spotlight: Osha Root

Superfood Spotlight: Osha Root

What You Should Know: Also called “Bear Root,” this traditional Native American herb is found in the dry meadows and ravines of the Rocky Mountains and southwestern United States. Osha has been used for centuries by Native Americans across the Southwest such as the Aztec, Zuni, and Apache tribes. These natives would use the root for everything from endurance to respiratory problems – even to protect themselves from evil spirits!

Why You Should Try It: Cold and flu season is in full swing, and Osha Root is commonly used as a way to alleviate those sniffles without the strange and harsh ingredients of most over-the-counter modern day meds. The antibacterial properties of the root may help reduce the duration of cold and flu symptoms, and is the perfect way to soothe an inflamed sore throat. In fact, this superfood is a common ingredient in cough drops, syrups, and lozenges that can prove even more effective than our usual go-to natural cocktails of echinacea and goldenseal!

Feeling a cough stuck in your throat? You might want to get your hands of a tincture of Osha Root. Not only does it increase blood circulation to the lungs, it can be used as an expectorant to clear mucous and alleviate congestion. It, quite literally, helps you “breathe easier.”

Let’s Get Together: Your local co-op or natural foods market is the perfect place to find Osha Root-infused lozenges and syrups, but our favorite way to get the most bang for our buck is by purchasing a tincture of this miracle root to have have on hand when we’re feeling the sniffles. Bottled Osha Root can be found from such trust-worthy brands as Gaia Herbs.

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