Superfood Spotlight: Kale

Superfood Spotlight: Kale

What You Should Know: It’s hip to be kale. This powerhouse is definitely having its time in the sun, and rightly so. Considered the king of leafy greens, kale is actually a member of the Brassica family, making it a closer relative to broccoli and brussels than spinach or romaine. It is easy to grow, which is why it has become a staple in so many home gardens across the globe. Kale played an important role in early European food systems dating as far back as 600 B.C., and was a staple in meals eaten by peasants during the Middle Ages. English settlers finally brought this ancient green across the pond in the 1800s, and as they say – the rest is history.

Why You Should Try It: Super-powered kale is hardly just a pretty face! Its celeb status as “healthiest vegetable on the planet” is for good reason. Just one cup of kale contains about 100% of your daily requirements for vitamins A, C and K, providing anti-inflammatory benefits as well as phenomenal cardiovascular support. It is also rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which promote healthy eyesight. Not convinced yet? Kale is a great source of potassium, iron, phosphorus and manganese – as well as over 45 different varieties of antioxidant flavonoids that lend themselves to cancer prevention!

Let’s Get Together: The beauty of this superfood is that you don’t need to go to a specialty store or find a magical elixir to reap its benefits. Kale can be enjoyed no matter what your taste buds crave or what kind of lifestyle you lead: raw, baked, sauteed, or in liquid form (if you’re leafy-green shy, drinking fruit-sweetened green juice is a great way to go)! We’ve drummed up a few of our favorite kale recipes to help you find a kale-containing treat that works just for you…

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