Superfood Spotlight: Dendrobium

What you need to know: Dendrobium is a tonic herb derived from an orchid that blooms yellow and pink flowers and has stems that are widely used in Chinese medicine. Most notably, dendrobium is utilized to replenish fluids in the body, moistening the stomach, lungs and respiratory system. It has been clinically shown to aid in the recovery from illness, fever, dehydration, sunstroke, athletic exertion and even dry mouth.

Why you should try it: Just as the orchid is known for its beauty, dendrobium is known for its ability to bring beauty to those who take it. It does this by increasing moisture in the body, leading to smooth, radiant, supple and clear skin, and preventing dryness. In addition to its beauty-promoting qualities, dendrobium is also suggested to be used by those engaging in frequent sexual activity. It can replace the spent energy and replenish fluids lost, which is why it is also called the “honeymooner’s herb.” Talk about the perfect wedding gift.

Let’s get together: Tonic herbs come in many shapes and sizes, so whatever your preferred delivery system is, we have you covered. If you are fond of tea, try Yin Replenisher drops, which also feature goji and rehmannia. Simply add a few drops to your favorite tea, or to maximize its benefits, add it to other beautifying herbs such as white peony and schizandra berry. Need something for on-the-go? Pick up a bottle of Eternal Jing. This formula not only contains dendrobium, but it also contains a powerhouse of other tonic herbs that make it the premier anti-aging blend. We recommend you give it a try for a true re-birth of energy, womanhood, and youthfulness.

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