Superfood Spotlight: Celery

What you need to know: While celery is certainly a great low-calorie snack food, it happens to offer the potential to impact health far beyond leaning out the waistline. Research has shown that celery reduces inflammation, strengthens the integrity of the stomach lining, decreases the risk of stomach ulcers and improves overall digestive health.

Why you should try it: Celery’s benefits not only come from its hydrating composition, but also from its rich antioxidant content. With high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene and flavones, celery has been shown to decrease the risk of damage to body fats, thereby lowering cardiovascular inflammation. Celery may also act as a diuretic, further helping to lower blood pressure and therefore risk for heart disease. Just one cup of celery has almost 40% of your day’s vitamin K.

Let’s get together: Celery’s fairly neutral taste makes it an easy vegetable to incorporate into any dish, whether cooked or raw, but in order to truly gain the most from this vegetable, we here at The Chalkboard opt for it in juice form. And to prove how much we adore this vegetable, you can find celery in the majority of Pressed Juicery’s juices ranging from the hard-core green ones, from Greens 1 through Greens 4, to our sweeter fare, including Roots 1. Drink up!

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