Superfood Spotlight: Blackberries

Superfood Spotlight: Blackberries

What You Need To Know: Summer is almost here, which means these dark-hued beauties are beginning to pop up in farmers markets everywhere. Blackberries, which can be eaten fresh or frozen, can be found everywhere from jams to desserts – even wine! Their deep purple skin is not only beautiful: it’s a sign that these tiny berries are a nutritional force to be reckoned with.

Why You Should Try It: Blackberries get their brilliant color from powerful anthocyanins, which are responsible for healthy memory function, anti-aging and reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. They also contain half your daily allotment of vitamin C, which combats heart disease, strengthens the immune system and keeps your skin bright and healthy. With thirty percent (six grams) of your daily fiber intake, they aid in optimal digestion. But the greatest benefit of adding blackberries to your diet? They are rich in phenolic acids – antioxidant compounds notorious for their powerful anti-carcinogenic effects.

Let’s Get Together: Blackberries are a delicious way to power up juices and smoothies – try this delicious recipe by Whole Family Fare. They are also a welcome addition to summer pies, cobblers and all-natural jams, or can be enjoyed our favorite way – straight from hand to mouth!

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