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It’s persimmon season, and if you love these bright orange superfruits as much as we do, you better act fast before they’re gone! Every year we look forward to these crunchy sweet fruits – we’ve blended them into smoothies, shaken them into sangria, tossed them into salads, and now, we’re adding them into our beloved morning parfaits. Each decadent bite of this persimmon parfait reminds us of how wonderful healthy eating can feel, bringing us the joy of eating both seasonally and mindfully.

This parfait recipe is the creation of the lovely Marita Karlson, a Swede living the green life in our very own L.A. backyard of Venice, California. Sharing her daily motivation and passion for living well on Vavawoom, she inspires people all over the world to grab a glass of green juice and embark on the journey of finding true health. Follow in Marita’s footsteps and start your morning off right with this luscious superfood persimmon parfait…

Persimmon Parfait with Raw Honey Drizzle

serves 2


2 persimmons, ripe and juicy
About 2 cups organic full-fat Greek yogurt
About 2 cups homemade granola
2 Tbsp mulberries
2 Tbsp coconut chips
2 tsp (or more) raw, local honey


Wash and chop the persimmons.

Add half the granola to the bottom of two jars. Then layer with half the yogurt, half the persimmons, then the rest of the granola, followed by the remainder of the persimmons.

Top with mulberries, coconut chips and drizzle with your favorite local honey.

Serve and enjoy!

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