The brand new Superba Food and Bread has our number. Sister restaurant to the well-loved and highly-acclaimed Superba Snack Bar just around the corner, Venice’s new go-to foodie hang is serving up delicious grain salads, giant kale sandwiches (very Chalkboardy) and pricey, but worth it, fresh hazelnut milk lattes. What we appreciate most about Chef Jason Travi’s new bread-tastic offerings are the selections of highly unusual toast combinations.

We are toast fanatics and, whether or not you are as well, its likely that you still eat the crumby stuff from time to time: if you’re twenty, in a European hostel for sustenance. If you’re thirty, then as a this-will-do and out-the-door family breakfast. And if you’re forty…then with caviar and creme fraiche. Any way you slice it, we all eat toast and Superba Food and Bread is serving it up in our favorite forms. Here are six inspired ideas from Chef Travi to take your ho-hum bread and butter up to his warm and toasty standards…

6 Ways To Upgrade your Toast

Take a Dip

Sautéed spinach with raclette cheese melted on top is similar to the spinach dips so many of us chefs make and diners love to eat. Condense the dip and chip idea into one item – pile the greens beneath broiled cheese – like a dip on toast.

Beefed Up

Toast is light, but add a little grilled beef with chimi churri and you have the perfect outdoor grilling meal. It is so simple and tastes fantastic.

Red Red Wine

Summer shelling beans marinated in olive oil and red wine vinegar are one of my all-time favorites, especially with a little oregano. Experiment with your own version of this marinade, then simply spread on toast – or eat them straight!

Choked Up

Keep  a jar of preserved artichokes in the pantry, easy to find at specialty stores and delicious. With only a loaf of bread and this jar you can created a few interesting lunch options or an instant snack for drop-in guests.

Thai Style

Nothing beats fresh tomatoes in summer. Simply pile high on toast and add Thai basil for a twist. Easy win for entertaining summer guests! 

Go Nuts

For something sweet, it’s hard to beat Nutella with basically anything – berries, fruit, nuts, jam – it’s a workhorse and perfect on its own. You can even make your own hazelnut chocolate butter for maximum freshness.

Eat It Up

If you’re a super-lazy toastmaker or just need an excuse for a fun brunch, hit up Superba Food and Bread for their toasts pictures above. Our favorites are the jam of the week with ricotta and the coconut jam with cilantro!

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