DENMARK-BORN BEAUTY, Helena Christensen, is a timeless icon. In spite of her global fame and decades-spanning modeling, photography and fashion career, this former Miss Universe winner still looks, feels and lives completely true to herself.

Grounded and gorgeous, Helena’s beauty routine matches her outward vibe. Though she’s undoubtably picked up a few industry insights from working on campaigns for Chanel, Prada, and Karl Lagerfeld himself, Helena keeps it simple and classic: red lips and a messy bun, plenty of water, and coffee grinds for a totally natural (and basically free) exfoliator.

We asked Helena to share a few more of her beauty-boosting and maintenance secrets with our Green Goddess Guide. Read on to discover the daily habits that keeps this ageless stunner glowing.

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Can’t travel without…

My dog, Kuma.

In a pinch I…

Put on bright red lips and my hair up in a loose bun.

Always in my evening clutch:

Obsession of the moment:

Swimming in cold harbor water.

Beautifying snack/meal:

Peruvian vegetable soup and pasta alla Genovese.

Beautifying drink:

Raspberry juice is my favorite.

For ultra-glamorous effect:

Shimmery eyes and smudgy dark brown eyeliner.

Perfect pout:

Chanel’s lipstick in La Fascinante, for lips (and cheeks).

Weirdest beauty habit:

Using coffee grinds and papaya flesh as exfoliators on the body.

In the shower I keep…

Lots and lots of conditioner and a body brush.

On my bedside table…

Once a month I…

Make time for a proper, professional facial.

After a long-night or rough weekend…

I drink as much water as I can possibly consume and eat a few burgers.

On little sleep I rely on…

Nimue Skin Technology Rejuvenating Mask.

Most treasured beauty tip…

My two very obvious tips are hydration and sleep. But also, keep your skin glowing, don’t cover it with too much foundation or powder.

For glowing skin…

Lots of hydration, mists and facial oils.

My go-to DIY recipe or smoothie recipe:

I drink all sorts of juices I make myself, mixing cucumber, aloe vera, parsley, mint, apple or pear. They make me feel refreshed and clean.

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