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Below is a guide to this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer happening June 20/June 21st, 2020. To learn more and understand how this (and all New + Full Moons + Eclipses) impact you on a personal level, you can join Danielle’s Cosmic Compass Membership or sign up for a one on one session.

Spiritual Significance: New Moons are an opportune time to set intentions and plant seeds for the immediate and long term future. Each New Moon contains a specific energy.

Solar Eclipses are turbocharged New Moons, occurring in a set lasting 18-24 months. This Eclipse Set started July 12, 2018 and is followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4th, which completes this set. We’ve been exploring themes of parentage, family, ancestry, tradition, security, success and achievement and what these things mean to us, on a personal and collective level. This Solar Eclipse in Cancer, specifically, relates to our emotional connections and nurturing. It’s a birthing.

Overall Themes to Explore: Family, Roots, Ancestry, Home, Nurturing, Feelings. This Solar Eclipse offers us an opportunity to explore these themes and to set powerful intentions. How do we want express this energy in our lives. What are we birthing?

How you may feel: With 5 planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) currently Retrograde and this emotional weight of this Solar Eclipse, we may be feeling depleted and exhausted, unable to process all that’s unfolding in real time. This is not necessarily the time for action but for clarifying our relationship to our our emotional life, where we’re clinging and unable to let go, attached to the past.

this is an Excellent time to… Read and listen, have the challenging conversations we’ve been avoiding or putting off, find healthy outlets for emotional processing, receive counseling and support and, because it is a New Moon Solar Eclipse, set intentions for how we would like to show up in our lives, where we would like to focus our emotional energy.

Journaling Prompt: In what ways am I attached to the past? In what ways am I challenged in letting the past go? And how can I support myself in processing these attachments in service to understanding and growth.

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