balms are the bomb, especially when the summer heat has our skin acting a little crazier than usual. We have a few intensely moisturizing obsessions this year thanks to these charming, high style and non-toxic brands.

Whether for summer travel or just to recover from all that extra sun (edible fix for that?), we adore these five skin-loving lotions – each with a specific body part in mind. Get this miracle-working eye cream from a cult facialist we’re just now discovering, an essential oil hand cream made in small batches, and this brand new collab we love. Here are five balms worth obsessing over…

Nouri’s Vital Hand Cream | This all-natural (and cute!) hand cream is made with ingredients that are so fresh the bottle boasts an expiration date. Hand cream is a day bag staple, so it matters to us that the bottle brightens our day, but ingredients matter the most. We love brands like Nouri that hit all our values well!


Chicet’s Bone Marrow Cream | We checked out this cream immediately after actress Perrey Reeves mentioned it in response to a compliment on her flawless skin. Bone marrow? Yes, this complex fat penetrates deeply and is combined with sodium hyaluronate for light, but intense nourishment.


Jenni Kayne x Earth Tu Face Tea Tree Lip Balm | Chapped lips aren’t cute; neither is becoming a slave to applying a product that doesn’t do it’s job. Made with beeswax, four natural oils and nothing else, this lip balm offers all-natural, deeply nourishing hydration that actually heals.


Skinowl’s Neck + Balm | The delicate skin on our necks is something we don’t pay special attention to until too much damage has been done. Sun and sleep damage that is. This anti-aging gel gently strengthens this delicate skin with natural herbal ingredients we trust. Your neck is an extension of your delicate facial skin, treat it just as finely!


Gloss Moderne’s High-Gloss Hair Serum | Conditioner is one thing, but everything in Gloss Moderne’s line delivery high shine without a fake coating. Healthy hair is shiny hair, and this non-toxic styling serum gives a glossy finish and thermal protection to ensure that damage-prone locks stay nourished, naturally.


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