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Plant Mom: The health benefits of indoor plants are numerous, from improved cognitive function and creativity to stress reduction. Plants improve our mental outlook by providing gezellig (a Dutch word meaning a feeling of coziness, comfort and relaxation) and gives us a sense of well being.

A Japanese study that explores Shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing”) concluded that spending time around nature lowers stress levels, reduces blood pressure and has an overall relaxing effect on the body. Interactions with your houseplants have the same relaxing and stress-reducing effects. In addition, many species of plants carry distinct scents that serve as a form of aromatherapy.

Plants not only affect our mental state but also improve the quality of air in a space. Houseplants not only increase oxygen, but they are also natural air purifiers.
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After a long winter indoors, your houseplants could use a little fresh air. Bloomscape (the modern garden center delivering the largest variety of quality houseplants directly from the greenhouse) has some practical advice on moving indoor plants outside during the summer months, in case it’s a fit for anything you’re working on. See below:

  • Get some sun, but not too much: While almost all indoor foliage plants can go outside and will love the fresh outdoor air, it’s important to keep in mind the intensity of the sunlight. It is best to place your plants in locations that mimic indoor lighting requirements. Even sun-loving plants can get a sunburn!  Bleached foliage and brown striping on the leaves can indicate sunburn.

  • Keep an eye on watering: How often you water your plant will depend on rainfall, wind, and humidity. Check the soil for moisture to determine if your plant needs watering – place your finger into the soil about 2-3 inches; if it feels dry, water thoroughly.

  • Plants can stay outside in a gentle and steady rainfall, but be mindful of wind and storms. Remove your plants from their saucer so the water can flow freely from the bottom of the pot during rain showers.

  • Acclimation period: Plants will need time to adjust to their new environment. Start by placing your plant in a shady area for a few hours each day, and slowly increase the outdoor time over 7-10 days. It’s safe to move your plants outside when the outdoor temps stay consistently above 50 degrees.

  • Check on your plants regularly: Once outside, check your plants’ leaves for any pests and fertilize regularly, especially if there has been quite a bit of rain. Too much rain can leech the soil of nutrients, and plant food will replenish those lost nutrients.

  • Plant Mom’s Picks: The Cat Palm, Monstera, Bamboo Palm and Philodendron Brasil are among the plants that will fare especially well outdoors.

More ways to keep those plant babies alive at home here! 

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