Stunning Travel Coffee Table Books

Whether you are coming down from a major summer travel high or just looking to gather inspirational beauty from around the world into your life at home, these travel coffee table books will do the trick.

We’ve gathered seven travel coffee table books worth space in your living room — or on your night stand — that focus on eco-conscious properties, nature, great architecture, meaningful experiences and the history of our love for great hotels. Find one you love and treat yourself to a title you’ll flip through again and again…

Wish I Was Here: The World’s Most Extraordinary Places on and Beyond the Seashore | Focused on stunning location in, near and around the water, Wish I Was Here, pulls from some of the best travel and Instagram accounts out there and explores a few special locations in depth. Expect plenty of aerial and underwater images to fall into during those travel daydreams at home.

Be Well, New Spa and Bath Culture and the Art of Being Well  | If your idea of a good getaway involves plenty of spa time, or if your self-care plans involve plenty of spa-like rituals, you’ll love this in-depth exploration of spa culture around the world. From the rustic to the futuristic, Be Well explores it all. Best read in the bath, obviously. 
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Holiday: The Best Travel Magazine that Ever Was \ Between 1946 and 1977, Holiday magazine set the tone for modern travel. This celebration of the iconic magazine and it’s legendary contributors — from writers like Hemingway, Capote and Didion, photographers like Slim Aarons, and illustrators like Ludwig Bemelman — is a journey unto itself.

Bon Voyage: Boutique Hotels for the Conscious Traveler| Bon Voyage invites you to dream green — and tells you where to stay when you’re ready to book. A survey of interesting eco-conscious properties around the world, Bon Voyage will inspire you to be more in tune with the earth at home and plan travel that suits those same values.

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Remote Places to Stay  | “Silence. Calm. Open spaces. These are the new luxuries.” If this is kind of luxe you’re looking for, flip through all twenty-two remote places to stay from the Arctic to the Himalayas to a secret Italian convent.

Living In, Modern Masterpieces in Residential Architecture |  Thoughtful art and design magazine, Openhouse produced this collection of profiles on rarely seen homes. Though not a travel book per se, the design inspo here is over the top and fuels our desire to travel just for the exposure to good architecture.kinfolk travel book

Kinfolk Travel: Slower Ways to See the World \  “Go museum hopping in Tasmania, or birdwatching in London. Explore the burgeoning fashion community in Dakar.” In true Kinfolk fashion, this book is a guide to ‘slow travel’, profiling over 20 locations around the world through stunning photography, travel essays, plus travel tips and advice from locals.

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