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Living that low-waste life starts with baby steps. No one expects you to change overnight, to purge your pantry of everything plastic and pretend you live in a bird nest made of sticks and leaves. But making small adjustments here and there can have a surprisingly big impact over time. All it takes is a cute reusable cup or a sexy modern bento box to start shifting daily habits in a more conscious and sustainable direction.

From innovative beeswax sandwich wraps to pretty glass containers we can’t wait to fill, these stylish and eco-friendly containers have us bee-lining toward the bulk bins. Discover our fave products for people who care about the environment, but like, in a chic way…

Bee’s Wrap Sandwich Wrap | Washable, reusable and even compostable, these coated cotton wraps are a perfect alternative to aluminium foil or plastic wrap. Coated with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, these organic cotton sheets hold whatever shape they’re bend into. Use them to wrap sandwiches, cover a bowl of fresh fruit or store the half of the avocado you didn’t eat yet. CHECK OUT

Cal Tiffin Stainless Steel Bento Lunch | BPA and plastic free, these sleek metal containers are ideal for storing snacks or fresh crudites. We love toting them along to the office or on a long flight full of healthy munchies. CHECK OUT

KeepCup Glass Reusable Coffee Cup | Holding a paper cup of your favorite $50 cappuccino used to be a status symbol of sorts. We’d argue that a chic glass coffee cup like this one, complete with a heat-resistant cork belt, will turn more heads — in the best way. CHECK OUT

JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup |  This reusable coffee cup is tall enough to contain your life-source aka your superfood latte on the most Monday-est Monday. It’s also heat resistant and dishwasher-safe. CHECK OUT

Mecete Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers | This stack of stainless steel containers is like a uniform for your fridge; chic and consistent style with an emphasis on functionality. They slide right into the fridge and can be stacked to save space. CHECK OUT

Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Glass Food Storage Container | The textured glass makes this container just a little more stylish than your average. We picture it looking pretty with fresh washed berries from the farmers market. CHECK OUT

Blue Canyon Thermos | This wide-mouth insulated thermos is as perfect for soup as it is for a cup of coffee or tea. The black and wood is a chic pairing. CHECK OUT

Prep’d Lunchbox | This cute bamboo box opens up to reveal three glass containers that fit toegther like tetris pieces, and a pair of bamboo chopsticks. CHECK OUT

Mercier Kitchen Bento Lunchbox | We love the minimalist look of this leak-proof bento box. It has two stackable layers and comes with a cutlery set built right in. CHECK OUT

Unichart Round Lunch Bag | This cozy looking container means serious business on the inside. Insulated with with stainless steel, it will keep food hot or cold for hours. CHECK OUT

Looking for more? These reusable bottles are both eco-friendly and chic as can be.

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